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Hoge 100 | Greentree | Access Dimensions | Finance
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Hoge 100 | Greentree | Access Dimensions | Finance
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Hoge 100 | Greentree | Access Dimensions | Finance
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Hoge 100 | Greentree | Access Dimensions | Finance
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The Fees and Charges System

Dimensions for Academies


Finance Portal

Cash Collection for Trips and Activities

Collection of cash and cheque payments for school activities can be a nightmare. The answer is our Fees & Charges system which is totally integrated with with the Dimensions for Academies finance system.

Our Fees & Charges software helps remove the tedium and risk out of activity finances. It will assist in management of financial details associated with many of the school's activities:

    •   School trips
    •   Examination fees
    •   Sports events
    •   Locker fees

Uniform and Merchandise Sales

    •   Instant receipts
    •   VAT recorded for larger sizes
    •   Touch screen EPOS

Finance Portal


    •   Control lettings
    •   Automatically transfers invoices to the finanec system
    •   TEliminate paper and re-keying

Finance Portal

Boarding Fee Invoices

    •   Boarding fee invoices
    •   Multiple fee payers
    •   Train fares, trips charges and other extras

Payment and Accounting

In an ideal world parents will pay online but many still prefer to pay by cash or cheque. So you have to collect the cash or cheque, record the payment against the activity, post it into the finance system and provide the student with a receipt. This is all very time consuming with queues of students waiting to pay for events and activities by cash or cheque.

Fees & Charges takes away all the tedium:

    •   Is an easy to use system
    •   Tracks all student payments
    •   Produces reports including an income and expenses summary
    •   Integrates with ParentPay to give a seamless system


Fees & Charges shows in real time the financial status of all events and activities:

    •   See who is registered for a school trip
    •   See what they have paid
    •   See their outstanding balances

All at the click of the mouse and all from any workstation in the school providing you have the correct permission.

ParentPay Integration

parent pay integration

Integration with ParentPay includes:

    •   Download of on-line payments
    •   Upload of cash and cheque receipts to ParentPay
    •   Synchronisation of pupil details
    •   Acceptance on-line payments for boarding fee invoices

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What's available?

School Trips Cash Collection
School Trip Reporting
Cheque Collection
Receipt Printing
Automatic Update of Accounts
Payment Reporting
Merchandise Sales (Uniform
Boarding Fees
Integration with ParentPay

"I met Stuart back in February 2012 and explained my requirements for a finance system to manage our various sources of income and expenditure, having just recently converted to an Academy. His immediate answer was "yes we can do that!". I had been through all of the main players in the market and had not had such a positive response from anyone else.

Three years down the line working with Hoge 100 I feel a part of their family. The support is some of the best that we get on any of our contracts.

I can honestly not find fault with their support, their picing is very competitive and when coupled with the level of support, provides incredibly good value.".

Jon Ashwell
Vice Principal (Finance & Administration)
Highams Park School